How to use Flash, Zend AMF and Yii Framework

This is a simple demo how to use Zend_AMF with Yii.

Zend Framework

Download Zend_AMF and extract library/Zend to protected/vendors/Zend

>Info: Zend AMF 1.11.11 has a nasty bug, so use Zend AMF 1.11.10 or Zend AMF 1.11.12 when it's released.


Zend Framework class loader for Yii. Create zend/EZendAutoloader.php to protected/extension:

 * EZendAutoloader
 * @package extensions.zend
class EZendAutoloader extends CApplicationComponent {

	 * @var string Path to the folder that contains Zend/ and the rest of the ZF libraries; optional,
     * and only useful if you don't already have the folder listed under 'import' in your config file.
	public $basePath;

	 * @var array(string,string,...) An array of custom namespaces the Zend_Loader_Autoloader should import, eg. 'My_'
	public $customNamespaces = array();

	 * Set up Zend_Loader_Autoloader to listen for any autoload requests.
	public function init()
		$path = $this->basePath;
		if (strlen($path)) {
			// Normalise: strip a trailing "/" if present.
			if (strlen($path) > 1 && $path[strlen($path)-1] == '/') {
				$path = substr($path, 0, strlen($path)-1);

			// Add this library path to PHP's include_path if it's not
			// already there (common for library paths outside of protected/).

			// Add a / for ease below.
			$path .= '/';

		// Get Yii out of the way.

		// Bring in Zend and set it up to take new autoload events.
		$autoloader = Zend_Loader_Autoloader::getInstance();

		// Any custom namespaces, eg. 'My_'
		foreach ($this->customNamespaces as $namespace) {

		// Back to Yii.

	 * Add include path
	 * @param $path
	protected function addIncludePath($path)
		if (!file_exists($path) OR (file_exists($path) && filetype($path) !== 'dir')) {
			throw new CException(Yii::t('Include path {path} does not exist.', array('path'=>$path)));
		$paths = explode(PATH_SEPARATOR, get_include_path());
		if (array_search($path, $paths) === false) {
			array_push($paths, $path);
		set_include_path(implode(PATH_SEPARATOR, $paths));
Value Objects for Flash

Create a simple Value Object class to protected/components/vo/Application.php

 * Value Object Class for AMF Service
class Application
	public $time = '';
	public $datetime = '';
AMF service

Create a Service class to protected/components/Service.php

 * Service Class for Zend_AMF
class Service
	public function getTime()
		return time();

	public function getDatetime()
		return date('Y-m-d H:i:s');

	public function validateEmail($value)
		$validator = new CEmailValidator;
		if(!empty($value) && $validator->validateValue($value))
			return 'ok';

        return 'error';

    public function appInit()
		$a = new Application;
		$a->time = $this->getTime();
		$a->datetime = $this->getDatetime();

		return $a;

Modify your main config:

// Main Web application configuration.

    // Preloading 'log' and 'zend' component

    // Autoloading model, component, value object and vendor classes

    // Application components

        // Application Log
                // Save log messages on file
                    'levels'=>'error, warning, info',

        // Zend autoloader
            // Optional: provide an absolute path to the non-Yii directory containing the Zend libraries.

AMF Controller

Create a AmfController (protected/controllers/AmfController.php):


class AmfController extends CController {

	public function actionIndex() {

		$server = new Zend_Amf_Server();

        // It's recommend to disable production mode only when in development.

		// Add our class to Zend AMF Server.

		// Mapping the ActionScript VO to the PHP VO. You don't have to add the package name.
		$server->setClassMap("VOApplication", "Application");

		$handle = $server->handle();
		echo $handle;

If you are using Environment class for Yii, you can use the 'environment' variable to set the production mode.

// Enable production mode if environment is 'production'.
		if (Yii::app()->params['environment'] == 'production') {
		} else {

You can test the AMF gateway with Pinta AMF service test and debug utility.

If you installed the app to http://localhost/flash, then connect to gateway url http://localhost/flash/amf and call getTime, getDatetime or AppInit method with pinta.


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