Add charts / print buttons to your webapp

In this article you will find Yii framework extensions enabling you to add various charts/print out buttons etc. to your webapp.

This collection is summarizing following forum thread.

Charting with Yii:

  1. Yii Open Flash Chart 2 Extension feedback: very nice implementation and authors contribution - examples of using data from external sources(model, xml schema, etc.) would be greatly valuable
  2. Fusion Charts API Extension - Create and share Charts
  3. Flot - EFlot plotting library encapsulation
  4. Jqplot - extension of jqplot for charts
  5. Cvisualizewidget - This widget makes it easy to render charts and graphs within your web application by utilising the visualize jQuery plugin.
  6. Highcharts Extension

Printing, generating pdf, xls, csv etc. with Yii:

  1. Generating PDF with - tcpdf needs to be rechecked as it does not work properly...
  2. Simple Yii extension printout for .datagrid and other .css elements printing
  3. Yii CSV generator csvout See installation issues
  4. Generating PDF with pdflib.
  5. phpexcel-codeplex by sharehua (Wiki)

Additional data generation, aggregation, grouping extensions and methods:

  1. ...

Please offer your solutions and specify additional categories relevant to this topic in above mentioned forum thread.

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