Simple authorization system

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How to create a simple (non-RBAC) authorization system

As I notice reading the forum, this is a frequent doubt, so I decided to write this article.

This article covers only the authorization system. I assume you already know how to create an authentication system ( login ).


Firstly, in the 'user' table, create a new integer field called 'accessLevel', that defines the user's access level

Extending CWebUser

in your config file (usually protected/config/main.php)

    //tell the application to use your WebUser class instead of the default CWebUser

In your components folder ( protected/components ) create a 'WebUser.php' file and a class like this:

class WebUser extends CWebUser{
  * cache for the logged in User active record
  * @return User
 private $_user;
  * is the user a superadmin ?
  * @return boolean
 function getIsSuperAdmin(){
  return ( $this->user && $this->user->accessLevel == User::LEVEL_SUPERADMIN );
  * is the user an administrator ?
  * @return boolean
 function getIsAdmin(){
  return ( $this->user && $this->user->accessLevel >= User::LEVEL_ADMIN );
  * get the logged user
  * @return User|null the user active record or null if user is guest
 function getUser(){
  if( $this->isGuest )
   return null;
  if( $this->_user === null ){
   $this->_user = User::model()->findByPk( $this->id );
  return $this->_user;


now to validate the user using the filter accessControl

//in your controller
function accessRules(){
  return array(
    //only accessable by admins
       //the 'user' var in an accessRule expression is a reference to Yii::app()->user
    //deny all other users

using it in your views

   echo 'Welcome, administrator!';
   echo 'You are the man!';

Data representation

Now in your User model, to facilitate the data representation of an integer field do the following

class User extends CActiveRecord{
 //define the number of levels that you need

  * define the label for each level
  * @param int $level the level to get the label or null to return a list of labels
  * @return array|string
 static function getAccessLevelList( $level = null ){
   self::LEVEL_REGISTERED => 'Registered',
   self::LEVEL_AUTHOR => 'Author',
   self::LEVEL_ADMIN => 'Administrator'
  if( $level === null)
   return $levelList;
  return $levelList[ $level ];

//using it in forms

//using it in DetailView

//using it in GridView

//display the administrator label 
echo User::getAccessLevelList( User::LEVEL_ADMIN );

And that is it. I hope that helps you.

Cheers, Gustavo

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