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Validation 0 256
Allows for easy model validation against all columns while excluding those which are passed in via array
Created by cottonaf, 3 years ago.


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Validators for two data strings used in Mexico for identity, RFC and CURP, for use with the Yii 1.1.* framework.
Created by Carlos Ramos, 4 years ago.


Validation 2 340
International phones input extension
Created by Odirlei, 4 years ago, updated 3 years ago.


Validation 0 256
Yii 1.1 extension that provides validation for Brazilian documents (CPF and CNPJ), landlines and cellphones.
Created by igorsantos07, 4 years ago.


Validation 0 349
Validates Luhn numbers used in all kinds of number (ICCID, IMEI, ...)
Created by le_top, 5 years ago, updated 4 years ago.


Validation 2 0
RelationValidator sets relation return value in the .rules() specified field.
Created by Pavel Voronin, 6 years ago.


Validation 0 401
Validates files against ClamAV's clamd antimalware daemon
Created by MetaYii, 6 years ago.


Validation 0 733
Model validator for passwords
Created by seb7, 6 years ago.


Validation 2 951
Validator to compare two dates, works similarly to CCompareValidator.
Created by ianaré, 6 years ago.


Validation 6 1182
Validator class for (simple) phone number validation
Created by Boaz, 6 years ago.


Validation 2 417
Validate if domain is true or not
Created by Mohamed Alsemany, 6 years ago.


Validation 0 269
Validator that makes sure that only a single record with $attribute_name = $single_bool_value exists in the DB
Created by Boaz, 6 years ago.