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User Interface 12 1432
A huge improvement of the old and boring demo blog that comes with yii framework.
Created by oligalma, 6 years ago, updated 3 years ago.


Others 17 544
Yii multilanguage extension with dynamic content translate functionality
Created by Taron Saribekyan, 7 years ago, updated 4 years ago.


User Interface 4 2045
Complete CMS, with full multilingual support and a fully OpenSource based on Yii. It has frontend and backend settings.
Created by juankamilo, 7 years ago.


Database 4 442
Multilingual CRUD generator (Gii template). Automate creation of multilingual CRUDs for any structure models without data-losing
Created by deeptowncitizen, 8 years ago.


Others 3 1304
Yii PHP Framework extension for multilingual sites
Created by mishamx, 9 years ago.


User Interface 0 271
Usefull tool to reverse engineering the translated SourceMessage on the frontend via a tooltip
Created by yiimann, 9 years ago.