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User Interface 0 300
Captcha that renders Persian Number.
Created by Amini, 7 years ago.


Validation 0 0
Yii extension for BrandCAPTCHA
Created by fedemotta, 6 years ago.


User Interface 2 704
Captcha that renders non alphabetical characters.
Created by softark, 8 years ago, updated 7 years ago.


Validation 2 786
More humanized for captcha, just show after some times error and hide once passed
Created by hightman, 8 years ago.


Validation 20 5171
CaptchaExtended enhances original captcha delivered with framework by implementing logical phrases and visual elements.
Created by lubosdz, 10 years ago, updated 9 months ago.


Validation 20 5636
reCAPTCHA validator
Created by MetaYii, 13 years ago, updated 10 years ago.