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The ActiveRecord attribute cache behavior for Yii2.
Created by Jerry, a year ago.


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Redis Cache, Session and ActiveRecord for the Yii framework
Created by The Yii Team, 2 years ago.


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Yii2 appcache component to enable app cache in site.
Created by Amin Keshavarz, 2 years ago.


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Yii2 OpCache module - Show statistic, config, reset all, invalidate files, search in cached files
Created by Insolita, 2 years ago.


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Image effect, thumb and cache extension for Yii2
Created by lireincore, 3 years ago, updated 2 years ago.


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A Yii2 extension for some KeyCDN lovin' that's so simple even your cat will be able to use it.
Created by Sammaye, 4 years ago.


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Collection of behaviors. Currently 2 behaviors available: SaveGridFiltersBehavior and SaveGridPaginationBehavior
Created by jjmf, 4 years ago.


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Client for redis Highly Available set for Yii2
Created by p.yurin, 5 years ago.


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Caching using S3
Created by petra, 5 years ago.