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Use Bootswatch theme compatible with Bootstrap 4, in your Yii2 application with minimum effort
Created by Raoul, 23 days ago.


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Load More button for Yii 2.0 GridView or ListView
Created by Sjaakp, 22 days ago.


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JavaScript MP3 Player Widget
Created by Stefano Mtangoo, 4 years ago.


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Yii2 Pagination Widgets
Created by KiTE, 21 days ago.


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Extended captcha code generator for Yii2 framework with configurable obfuscation level
Created by lubosdz, a year ago.


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Support implementing mobile first principle for Yii2 application.
Created by VUONG MINH, 21 days ago.


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Yii2 dTree 2.05 Menu widget
Created by Viacheslav Kolesnikov, 19 days ago.


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Yii2-notification-wrapper module renders a message from session flash (with ajax support).
Created by loveorigami, 3 years ago.


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An advanced money mask input for Yii 2.0 based on jquery maskmoney plugin styled for Bootstrap 3.
Created by Kartik V, 4 years ago.


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Extension that generates lotto numbers when clicking on a button.
Created by oligalma, 3 years ago, updated 8 months ago.


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Yii2 loading overlay widget
Created by eXeCUT, 11 days ago.


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Timepicker widget
Created by janisto, 4 years ago.