Class yii\apidoc\templates\pdf\GuideRenderer

Inheritanceyii\apidoc\templates\pdf\GuideRenderer » yii\apidoc\templates\html\GuideRenderer » yii\apidoc\renderers\GuideRenderer » yii\apidoc\renderers\BaseRenderer » yii\base\Component
Available since version2.0
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MethodDescriptionDefined By
afterMarkdownProcess() Callback that is called after markdown is processed. yii\apidoc\templates\html\GuideRenderer
fixMarkdownLinks() Adds guide name to link URLs in markdown yii\apidoc\templates\html\GuideRenderer
generateGuideFileName() Given markdown file name generates resulting html file name yii\apidoc\templates\html\GuideRenderer
generateLink() Generate link markup yii\apidoc\templates\html\GuideRenderer
loadGuideStructure() Loads guide structure from a set of files yii\apidoc\renderers\GuideRenderer


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ConstantValueDescriptionDefined By
GUIDE_PREFIX 'guide-' Deprecated since 2.0.1 use $guidePrefix instead which allows configuring this options yii\apidoc\renderers\BaseRenderer

Method Details

render() public method

Renders a set of files given into target directory.

public void render ( $files, $targetDir )
$files array
$targetDir string