Trait yii\apidoc\helpers\ApiMarkdownTrait

Implemented byyii\apidoc\helpers\ApiMarkdown, yii\apidoc\helpers\ApiMarkdownLaTeX
Source Code

Class ApiMarkdownTrait

Property Details

$renderingContext public property

Method Details

consumeQuote() protected method

Consume lines for a blockquote element

protected void consumeQuote ( $lines, $current )
parseApiLinkForContext() protected method (available since version 2.1.3)

Attempts to parse an API link for the given context.

protected array parseApiLinkForContext ( $offset, $object, $title, $context )
$offset integer
$object string
$title string|null
$context yii\apidoc\models\TypeDoc|null
throws yii\apidoc\helpers\BrokenLinkException

if the object can't be resolved

parseApiLinks() protected method

protected void parseApiLinks ( $text )
renderApiLink() protected method

Renders API link

protected string renderApiLink ( $block )
$block array
renderBrokenApiLink() protected method

Renders API link that is broken i.e. points nowhere

protected string renderBrokenApiLink ( $block )
$block array
renderQuote() protected method

Renders a blockquote

protected void renderQuote ( $block )
translateBlockType() protected abstract method (available since version 2.0.5)

protected abstract void translateBlockType ( $type )