yii2-payment-module Online payment module for yii2

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Notic: This module is not free and you should buy it to use. If you want to buy it please call me. Amin Keshavarz amin@keshavarz.pro - telegram: akeshavarz25 - +989120813856

How to install this module:

Step1: First add flowing codes into project composer.json

"repositories": [
        "type": "gitlab",
        "url": "https://gitlab.com/aminkt/yii2-payment-module"

Then add flowing line to require part of composer.json : "aminkt/yii2-payment-module": "*",

And after that run bellow command in your composer : Composer update aminkt/yii2-payment-module

Step3: Add flowing lines in your application backend config:

'payment' => [
    'class' => 'aminkt\payment\Payment',
    'controllerNamespace' => 'aminkt\payment\controllers\backend',

Step4: Add flowing lines in your application frontend config:

'payment' => [
    'class' => 'aminkt\payment\Payment',
    'controllerNamespace' => 'aminkt\payment\controllers\frontend',
    // Add this part to add your own gates.
         'class' => 'aminkt\payment\components\Payment',
             \aminkt\payment\lib\MellatGate::$gateId => [
                 'class' => \aminkt\payment\lib\MellatGate::className(),
                     'password'=> '****',

Database Migrations

Before usage this extension, we'll also need to prepare the database.

php yii migrate --migrationPath=@vendor/aminkt/yii2-payment-module/migrations


In your code when you want create a payment request use below code: `php $payment = \aminkt\payment\Payment::getInstance()->payment; $data = $payment->payRequest(100, $orderId); // $data is an array that hold a form information that you should send to bank gateway if(is_array($data) and array_key_exists('redirect', $data) and isset($data['redirect'])){

return $this->redirect($data['redirect']);

} else {

return $this->render('send', [

} `

Use $orderId to make a connection between your order table and payment data. by defining this you can access to your order later.

When user paid money he will redirect in a page in you site that you defined. By default user will redirect to /payment/default/verify route.

For changing default call back page use below code:

$payment = \aminkt\payment\Payment::getInstance()->payment;
$payment->callbackUr = ['/your-controller/your-action']; // callBack give an array defined a route.

In your verify page use below code to verify payment: `php $verify = \aminkt\payment\Payment::getInstance()->payment->verify(); return $this->render('verify', [


]); ` $verify is false if verify action become failed and otherwise return an \aminkt\payment\lib\AbstractGate object. > \aminkt\payment\lib\AbstractGate is main class class of gateway objects. >
> It's contain gateway data.


In you backend panel you can use module routes to see various reports include Transaction sessions, payment logs, Inquiry requests and bank shortage data.

Structure of tables and classes:

Data base scheme{ width: 100%; }

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Yii Version: 2.0.*
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Developed by: Amin Keshavarz
Created on: Mar 26, 2018
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