yii2-kudos-widget Yii2 widget for Svbtle style Kudos

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Yii2 widget for Svbtle style Kudos. Based on JS from https://github.com/masukomi/kudos



On posts details page of my blog or original JS widget demo

Usage example

			'widgetId' => 'post',  // unique id of widget on page, to allow more than one widget on the page
			'uid' => $post->id,  // uid of Kudoable element, for stat count
			'count' => $post->kudos, // initial Kudos value, to display
			'onAdded' => 'function (event) {
		// JS callback on Kudo +1 , you can do what ever you want here
		// for example send AJAX request to track stats
		var uid = $(this).data("uid");
		$.post("/kudo/plus/post/" + uid);}',
			'onRemoved' => 'function (event) {
		// JS callback on Kudo -1, send another AJAX request to track stats
		var uid = $(this).data("uid");
		$.post("/kudo/minus/post/" + uid);}',

Tracking and stat storage server side you should implement yourself what ever you want.


is used to keep widget state for each user personally. It uses widgetId|uid key to be unique for multiple widgets on the site. And does not pollute request Headers with extra Cookies (if someone Kuoded a lot of your pages).


  • onActive is sent when you hover over the object (the circle is growing)
  • onInactive is sent when you mouse-off the object
  • onAdded is sent when you successfully kudo something
  • onRemoved is sent when you un-kudo something

Advanced usage with custom icons inside widget

I am using font-smiley from http://fontello.com/ Custom icon-font should be prepared and connected to the page, then you can adjust smiley look and feel via CSS and add them inside Kudos widget like this

			'widgetId' => 'post',
			'uid' => $post->id,
			'count' => $post->kudos,
			'defaultClass' => 'icon icon-emo-thumbsup',
			'onAdded' => 'function (event) {
		var uid = $(this).data("uid");
		$.post("/kudo/plus/post/" + uid);}',
			'onRemoved' => 'function (event) {
		var uid = $(this).data("uid");
		$.post("/kudo/minus/post/" + uid);}',
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Yii Version: Unknown
License: MIT
Category: User Interface
Tags: kudos, like, rating, top
Developed by: iJackUA
Created on: Mar 31, 2014
Last updated: 6 years ago

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