yii2-app-vue yii2-app-vue


  1. for yii2 web application width vueJs
  2. Installation
  3. Usage
  4. Local Development Server
  5. Directory components vuejs to:

for yii2 web application width vueJs

Yii and VueJs


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

  • composer create-project aki/yii2-app-vue basic
  • php yii migrate
  • npm install


npm run dev


npm run watch

Local Development Server

If you have PHP installed locally and you would like to use PHP's built-in development server to serve your application, you may use the serve yii command. This command will start a development server at http://localhost:8000: php yii serve

Directory components vuejs to:

  assets/             contains assets definition
  commands/           contains console commands (controllers)
  config/             contains application configurations
  controllers/        contains Web controller classes
  mail/               contains view files for e-mails
  models/             contains model classes
  runtime/            contains files generated during runtime
  tests/              contains various tests for the basic application
  vendor/             contains dependent 3rd-party packages
  views/              contains view files for the Web application
    assets/           contains assets files
        js/           contains js files
         components/  contains components vue files
        sass/         contains scss files
  web/                contains the entry script and Web resources
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Yii Version: 2.0.*
License: BSD-3-Clause
Developed by: akii
Created on: Mar 4, 2020
Last updated: 2 years ago
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