yii1-fontawesome5 A Font Awesome 5 extension for easy implementation in Yii 1.1


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This is a Font Awesome v5.x extension for Yii Framework 1.1. Current Font Awesome version is 5.15.3

This is a service to those of us that are still using Yii 1.1! :)

This extension is published on Yii Frameworks extensions list.


Requires Yii Framework 1.1 (tested on Yii 1.1.24).


Copy all the extensions files to your applications folder


Add the component to your application configuration in protected/config/main.php:

    // ... 
    // ...
    // ...

Now Font Awesome v5.x will be loaded on all your pages.


Now you can start using Font Awesome icons in your HTML like normal, example:

<p>Please call me on phone number <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> +47 99 99 99 99</p>

Find other icons to use here.

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Yii Version: 1.1.*
License: MIT
Category: User Interface
Developed by: Paul G.
Created on: Jul 13, 2021
Last updated: a year ago
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