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This is a modular User Management Module for easy integration in your Yii Framework Web Application.

It has the following features:

* An automated Installer
* User Administration
* Role Administration
* Permission System with a mixture of RBAC and ACL (see docs)
* Profiles & Profile history & Profile Comments & Profile Fields Administration
* Messaging System (send/receive Messages between Users) Submodule
* User groups (user can add new groups, other users can join)
* User Avatar upload
* User Registration
* Password Recovery
* Friendship system
* Mailing component (users can choose which messages he gets by email)
* Base Language: English 
* Complete Translations to german, french
* Almost complete Translation to spain thanks to bigchirv@gmail.com
* Incomplete Translations to russian and polish

What it is not:

* A complex RBAC like srbac. However, it is possible to use srbac together with the User Management Module without problems. The contributed Permission System may be powerful enough for your Web Application, just give it a try.


Yii-user-management is hosted at github: github.com/thyseus/yii-user-management

Donations are possible by bitcoin: 1AzhCYHrX7c7exBB89qfhbEvUaW6RThB1E


  • minimum of Yii 1.1.8 since DAO caching techniques are used
  • Extract the release file under protected/modules
  • Read docs/Install_tutorial.txt

  • Enjoy

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43 158 downloads
Yii Version: 1.1
License: LGPL-3.0
Category: Auth
Developed by: thyseus
Created on: Feb 27, 2010
Last updated: 8 years ago


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