mail SwiftMailer wrapper

This is an emailing extension that wraps SwiftMailer. This extension also allows you to create emails from view files. For more information about SwiftMailer can do, see

  • Yii 1.1.x

Please see the phpdocs (it is in fact well-documented). First read through the main phpdoc on the Mail.php file and then the Message.php file (both in the root directory).

Quick example to catch your interest

This is an advanced example. It is not required that you use view files to generate the emails.

$message = new YiiMailMessage;
$message->view = 'registrationFollowup';

//userModel is passed to the view
$message->setBody(array('userModel'=>$userModel), 'text/html');

$message->from = Yii::app()->params['adminEmail'];

Change Log

See Google Code hosting page

Matt Kantor has been so gracious as to provide an update, including:

  • Removed the "debug" option and associated behavior. In its place are the "logging" and "dryRun" options. Logging uses Yii::log() (you can set up a LogRoute to show flashes for the old behavior).
  • Changed class names to be less likely to cause conflicts (requested in several bug reports).
  • Made the extension usable from CConsoleApplication.
  • Plenty of formatting and documentation fixes.
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Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: Mail
Developed by: jonah
Created on: Apr 26, 2010
Last updated: 13 years ago

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