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Hi Friends,

This is my first Extension created how to display image on view file using extension

First you can create the function folder in protected/extersions/functions and also create the images folder on your root directory

In Functions folder created the Functions.php and write a code

class Functions extends CApplicationComponent {

	public function returnSomething($filePath,$image){
		$folder=$path. $filePath.'/images/'.$image;
		if ($image!='' && file_exists(YiiBase::getPathOfAlias('webroot') . $filePath)) {
			$filePath= "<img src='".$folder."'>";
		} else {
			 $filePath="<img height='150px' width='150px' src=''>";

		return $filePath;


Finally install this extension in config/main.php


and use this extension using this line

print Yii::app()->functions->returnSomething($filePath='',$image);

in $image is your data image so u can fetch image in $image varibale

for example..

$image= $vendor->image_name;
print Yii::app()->functions->returnSomething($filePath='',$image);
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Yii Version: all
License: (not set)
Category: File System
Developed by: Ankit Modi
Created on: Jul 3, 2013
Last updated: 9 years ago

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