hoauth hoauth - simple integration of social network authorization lib Hybridauth and Yii (facebook, google, twitter, vkontakte ...)

  1. Demo
  2. Requirements
  3. Available social networks
  4. Documentation
  5. Sources
  6. New in hoauth v1.2.5
  7. New in hoauth v1.2.4
  8. New in hoauth v1.2.3
  9. New in hoauth v1.2.2
  10. New in hoauth v1.2.1
  11. New in hoauth v1.2
  • hoauth extension provides simple integration with social network authorization lib Hybridauth in Yii. (facebook, google, twitter, vkontakte and much more).
  • Automatically finds and supports yii-user module (instruction is in documentation section).
  • Supports I18N (available translations)


The demonstration of hoauth extension integrated with yii-user extension can be found here.


  • Yii 1.1.9 or above. (I have tested it only in 1.1.13)

Available social networks

  • OpenID
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo
  • MySpace
  • Windows Live
  • LinkedIn
  • Foursquare
  • Vkontakte
  • AOL

Additional social networks providers can be found at HybridAuth website. And how to configure them here at the bottom of the page.



New in hoauth v1.2.5

  • added an option to display only icons in social login widget (HOAuth::onlyIcons)
  • Authentication through pop-up window
  • Added support of CWebUser::returnUrl (for popup window only if it has not default value)
  • Enh#45: Added composer support (example of installation)
  • Small refactoring
  • Added repo with the source code of demo project.

New in hoauth v1.2.4

  • updated hybridauth lib
  • support of older version of yii-user
  • moved to MIT license

New in hoauth v1.2.3

  • yii-user: we display username field only if it is required by the User model, so you can disable username field in yii-user.
  • fixed bug when after saving profileCache returned in serialized form
  • removed some NOTICE erros and fixed one stupid big with email sending callback (thanks to Komannder)
  • fixed bug with imposibility of login with twitter (and other similar SN) despite successful email activation
  • added two callbacks: hoauthCheckAccess() and hoauthAfterLogin(). Details at https://github.com/SleepWalker/hoauth/wiki/Callbacks.
  • added Spanish, German and Russian translations (thanks to Komannder and me)
  • Security improvement: if user try to login with email of existing local account, that is not bond to current social network, he will be asked for password to confirm binding.
  • added support of validatePassword() callback - alias for verifyPassword()
  • added widget HOAuthActive - display login buttons of social networks bond to current user (Komannder)

New in hoauth v1.2.2

  • Enh#6: support of prefixed table names
  • Enh#7: added ability to setup alias (by default is application.config.hoauth) of HybridAuth config file in yii config (Yii::app()->params['hoauth']['configAlias'])
  • Enh#8: widget to display social networks that user bond to
  • Support of yii-user version, when Profile::regMode isn't static property
  • Fixed issue when password field apeared, when it should not do so during social network signup
  • Support of sending activation email by yii-user module
  • Added support of yii-user banned and not activated account status
  • Ability to register a new account with the same SN, when in db still exists SN relation to account that was deleted
  • HOAuthWidget moved to widgets directory (see UPGRADE.md)

New in hoauth v1.2.1

  • It was decieded to move HybridAuth config file to the yii's config diretory and rename to hoauth.php. Extension will try to do it automatically, when config diretory is not writable, it will run with config file from old directory, but old directory has the deprecated status.
  • fixed bug with to long username, when registering user for yii-user extension.
  • Support of login from social networks, that returning no email (also added HUserInfoForm class).
  • updates in installation instructions

New in hoauth v1.2

  • HOAuthWiget property $controllerId replaced by $route and now you can specify route e.g. module/controller
  • Modification of HybridAuth install script to generating Endpoint URL properly.
  • Renaming of user_oauth table columns: name -> provider, value -> identifier (model will automatically update schema)
  • New features in UserOAuth.php model.
  • Support for yii-user extension
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Yii Version: 1.1
License: GPL-3.0
Category: Auth
Developed by: SleepWalker
Created on: Feb 16, 2013
Last updated: 9 years ago


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