grbac Front End for sRbac

This module is for User-Management, it has 4 controllers:

  1. Registration and validation via email verification

    a. Register new users using Short form (email only), on email verification auto-login user.

    b. Register new user using Long form, see older release

    c. Passive registration by the application for a given email.

  2. Authentication

    a. Login and

    b. Logout

  1. Password Recovery

    a. Send Temp password to email on file, or

    b. Send Reset verification to email on file. Validate request and allow user to create new password

  1. My Account (use for dash board - partially implemented as it differs a lot) a. Change Password, b. Update User info

  2. Admin To do: (Management dashboard, manage active and inactive accounts, add new user) The management dashboard links to sRbac for management of Roles, Tasks, and Operations.




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Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: Auth
Developed by: Deepak Pradhan
Created on: Dec 11, 2009
Last updated: 7 years ago


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