ezohocrm An extension for Yii framework to connect to ZohoCRM.

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We were looking for a CRM in which we could maintain records of leads and customers for our web application Jobber which is affordable and which can be integrated with our application. We found Zoho CRM which is (currently) free up to 3 users. Since users can register for an account on our website, we would love to have those that are active within our application in our CRM as well so that we can give follow-up on those accounts like calling, e-mailing and creating appointments.

This extension provides almost all functions that are available within the Zoho CRM API; only the file and image related functions are not (yet) available; I couldn't find out what the **** is going wrong that leads to getting 4424 error messages when trying to implement the uploadFile function. Any help in that is highly appreciated.


This extension makes use of the EHttpClient and should run on Yii v1.1.5 till v1.1.9.


Feel free to use the API documentation of Zoho CRM for an overview on the available functions; all functions except the File and Photo functions have been implemented within this extension.

Example 1 - Receiving all leads
$crm = new EZohoCRM();
$crm->authToken = Yii::app()->params['zohoCrmAuthToken'];
$crm->module = EZohoCRM::MODULE_LEADS;
$leads = $crm->getRecords();
Example 2 - Receive available fields for module Accounts
$crm = new EZohoCRM();
$crm->authToken = Yii::app()->params['zohoCrmAuthToken'];
$crm->module = EZohoCRM::MODULE_ACCOUNTS;
$leads = $crm->getFields();


This extension is on GitHub.

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Yii Version: 1.1
License: MIT
Category: Web Service
Tags: api, crm, zoho
Developed by: Emile Bons
Created on: Mar 19, 2013
Last updated: 10 years ago


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