elastic-yii Integration of CActiveRecord with elasticsearch


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Set of tools for working with elasticsearch using Elastica for those stuck with projects in Yii 1.1. Includes a CActiveDataProvider compatible data provider, a CActiveRecord behavior and an elasticsearch query helper.

You might actually enjoy using it, not only because it allows for speedy searches, but also because it enables you to search inside relations with near zero configuration.


  • PHP 5.4+
  • Yii 1.1.16 (Should work with at least 1.1.11+, but not tested)


  • No elasticsearch background required, a very simple installation is all that is needed (you don't even need to manually create an index or type in elasticsearch)
  • ElasticActiveRecordBehavior
    • Automatically indexed (documents are added and deleted from elasticsearch when a record is inserted/updated/deleted)
    • Automatic indexing of relations and even their relations at any depth (minimal configuration required)
  • ElasticDataProvider
    • Compatible with CGridView, CListView, etc. Just use `$model->elasticSearch()instead of$model->search()`
    • Fully compatible with CActiveDataProvider, all pagination and sorting is supported
    • Search supports all the operands that you expect it to (all that are supported by `CDbCriteria->compare())`, >, <, >=, <>, etc)
    • Returns CActiveRecord[] just like CActiveDataProvider for maximum compatibility (see caveats)
  • ElasticQueryHelper
    • Build elasticsearch queries (implements CDbCriteria->compare(), works for relations)
    • Effortlessly search using relations' fields (`category.products.price>10` just works)


This is something I put together because of a a project I am working on and by no means do I consider it a complete abstraction for elasticsearch, not even close. Though, it should cover the needs for most projects and you can work with elasticsearch in Yii comfortably.

No unit tests have been implemented, they might be added if I need to add more features.

No composer support, Yii 1.1 does directly support it.

Feel free to help out to add functionality if you feel like it, I'd be more than grateful for any feedback/help.


  • This will only work for `CActiveRecord` implementations with one primary key (any type), composite primary keys are not (and will not be) supported.
  • Searching on relation fields currently only works for a full match ("imba" will not match "imbalanced" as you might expect)


  • Add `$model->relations()` to index by default
  • ElasticaQueryHelper::compare() dates support
  • Create a schema cache for the relational fields, as they will always be searched for exact matches ATM
  • Support aggregations for model and relation fields
  • Support Elastica installation in folder other than `elastic-yii/Elastica`
  • Documentation


  1. Clone this repository into `extensions/`
  2. Run `git submodule update --init --recursiveinextensions/elastic-yii`
  3. Add to your configuration:
    return [
    'preload' => [
    'components' => [
    	'elastica' => [
    		'class' => 'extensions.elastic-yii.Elastica.lib.Elastica.Elastica',
    		'host' => '',
    		'port' => '9200',
    		'debug' => YII_DEBUG,
    	'elasticaLoader' => [
    		'class' => 'ext.elastic-yii.ElasticaLoader',

Getting started

Attach the behacior to a model
class Post extends CActiveRecord
	public function Behaviors()
		return array_replace(parent::behaviors(), [
                'elastic_index'=>null,   //defaults to parsing db name from $this->getDbConnection()
                'elastic_type'=>null,    //defaults to $model->tableName()
                'elastic_raw_cols'=>null,//defaults to ['caption', 'slug', 'label', 'name']
                'elastic_relations'=>[   //the relations you want indexed, can be nested to any depth
Index the model's data in elastic

Beware! This will create the index and type in elasticsearch, and it will delete them first if they already exist! It will also index all data, so have a look at the parameters the method accepts if you intend to run it on big data sets. `php Post::model()->elasticRebuild(); `


In your controller: `php public function actionGrid() {

$model = new Post('search');

$this->render('grid', [
    'model' => $model,

} `

In your view: `php $this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', [

'columns' => [
    ['name'=>'author.name', 'filter'=>$model->nestedFilterInput('author.name')],
    ['name'=>'author.group.name', 'filter'=>$model->nestedFilterInput('author.group.name')],

]); `

And you can already search by the post author's group name.

Or you might prefer to have it like this: `php $this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', [

'columns' => [
    ['name'=>'author.name', 'filter'=>$model->nestedFilterInput('author.name')],
        'filter'=>CHtml::listData(Group::model()->findall(), 'id', 'name'),

]); `


Although the default functionality should be enough for more cases, you can handle more complex scenarios with ease.

You will probably want to have a look at:

  • Playing with the parameters of the methods should be enough for most cases, overloading is always an option.

Also, `ElasticActiveDataProvider->getResultSet()will give you access to the\Elastica\ResultSet` for every query, in case you need more insights on the search you perform.

@todo add usage tips

Methods Overview

@todo add methods overview


Many thanks to

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Yii Version: 1.1
License: MIT
Category: Database
Developed by: dimvic
Created on: Aug 8, 2015
Last updated: 8 years ago

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