edashboard Simple iGoogle like dashboard

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igoole like dashboard for your application. move/remove/save/minimize portlets can be done.


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2


Yii 1.1.6 or above


Download and extract dashboard_v_1.0.zip

Copy extracted dashboard folder to extensions directory

// In your view page do followings
$obj = $this->widget('application.extensions.dashboard.dashboard', array(
    'divColumns' => array('column1', 'column2', 'column3'),// Css class names of DIV columns
    'dashHeader' => array('show'=>true, 'title'=>'Dashboard')// Dashboard header options

// Adding portlets to each column
// These column1,column2,column3 css classes are defined in dasboard/assests/css/dasboard.css 
// You can define your own columns and assign here also define them in above "divColumns" array as well
// =====================
<div class="column1">      
	<?php $obj->addPortlet('feeds', 'Feeds', 'Feeds Data');?>// portlet id, name, content
	<?php $obj->addPortlet('news', 'News', 'News Data');?>
<div class="column2">
	<?php $obj->addPortlet('shopping', 'Shopping','Shopping Data');?> 
	<?php $obj->addPortlet('hits', 'Hits','Hits Data');?> 
<div class="column3">
	<?php $obj->addPortlet('weather', 'Weather', 'Whether Data');?>
	<?php $obj->addPortlet('traffic', 'Traffic','Traffic Data'));?>

<?php $obj->end()?>// Closing widget

// EXAMPLE 2 - Using render partial
// ================================
<div class="column1">      
	<?php $obj->addPortlet('feeds', 'Feeds', 'FEEDS PORTAL');?>// portlet id, name, content
	<?php $obj->addPortlet('news', 'News', $this->renderPartial('_news',false,true));?>
<div class="column2">
	<?php $obj->addPortlet('shopping', 'Shopping', $this->renderPartial('_chart',false,true));?> 
	<?php $obj->addPortlet('hits', 'Hits', $this->renderPartial('_grid_view',false,true));?> 
<div class="column3">
	<?php $obj->addPortlet('weather', 'Weather', '28 C Colombo');?>
	<?php $obj->addPortlet('traffic', 'Traffic', $this->renderPartial('_meter',false,true));?>

<?php $obj->end()?>// Closing widget

// Thats all
// Note: This dashboard save user selected portlets in a cookie for 30 days. Hope to save them in a db in future releases.

Set Up Demo

Download and extract dashboard_demo.zip

Copy dashboard_demo folder to web root and set Yii framework path in index.php

Now run http://localhost/dashboard_demo/index.php


1) How these charts were genarated?

Using jqplot chart library

2) How to adjust the width of containers?

Just change columns width in dasboard/assests/css/dasboard.css

3) My css changes were not applied

Just clear assests folder and run again

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License: BSD-2-Clause
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Developed by: Aruna Attanayake
Created on: Jul 4, 2012
Last updated: 11 years ago


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