authorize-net-cim-yii-extension Authorize.Net - Customer Information Manager (CIM) API Yii Extension

Authorize.Net - Customer Information Manager (CIM) API

The Authorize.Net Customer Information Manager (CIM) Application Programming Interface (API) provides a mechanism for developers and value-added resellers (VARs) to create, delete, retrieve, and update customer profile information, including payment and address information, by directly integrating client software and the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway.

Reference URL :

Available methods in this extension :

  • Create customer profile

  • Remove Customer profile

  • Create customer payment profile

  • Remove customer payment profile

  • Fetch / Retrieve details of customer payment profile

  • Create transaction

  • Refund transaction

  • Void transaction

Please see the attachment of extension zip file "".

In attached .zip there are following files :

i) AuthorizeNetCIM.php

ii) readme.txt

For "How to use" this yii extension please read "readme.txt" file. In this file you can see the details of uses of methods with sample code.

Documentation ::

Installation ::

Extract the zip file under 'protected/extensions' * Add the following to your config/main.php':

// application components




 'class' => 'application.extensions.AuthorizeNetCIM.AuthorizeNetCIM',

 'cim_login_name'=>'XXXXXXX', // login name

 'cim_trans_key'=>'XXXXXXX', // transaction key

 'cim_mode'=>'testMode', //liveMode OR testMode

 'cim_host'=>'', // (live) OR (test)




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