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Activating Bootstrap 3 Tooltips & Popover for your Yii Site.

Created 7 years ago by Kartik V, updated 3 years ago by alrazi.

Step 1: Initialize the Bootstrap Tooltip & Popover plugins in your view layout file @web\views\layouts\main.php. Add this to somewhere in the beginning head section (after you have loaded the Jquery using your AppAsset or something similar).

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Rendering Views and Updating them with Ajax

Created 7 years ago by Manish Gupta, updated 7 years ago by Manish Gupta.

I wanted to implement a widget that could refresh itself through Ajax without refreshing the whole page. CGridView and CListView are excellent examples of such widgets.

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How to call a default layout for every module and how to work <php echo $content; ?>

Created 8 years ago by Ankit Modi, updated 8 years ago by Ankit Modi.

Hi Friends, Hi Friends, Some common question is difficult to how to create the layout on yii and how to work

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The complete beginner's study guide for the Yii Framework

Created 9 years ago by Rodrigo Coelho, updated 8 years ago by Rodrigo Coelho.

Start studying the MVC pattern. You will understand the roles of the model, the view and the controller and know where goes each part of the code.

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Integrating Yii with Wordpress

Created 10 years ago by isekream, updated 10 years ago by isekream.

Well I finally had some time and tinkered a bit with the notion of integrating wordpress and Yii. Now for me I wanted to use Yii as a framework to develop wordpress plugins. Using some tips from imasia Article I was able to do a simple integration of yii as a wordpress plugin. The integratio...

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