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Add Beautiful Radio/Checkbox Buttons To Grid

Created 10 years ago by waterloomatt, updated 9 years ago by Rohit Suthar.

The basic idea is to render a grid and, for each row, render a set of radio buttons that asynchronously update their respective model.

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Using Google Maps in Yii Applications via Jquery

Created 11 years ago by bluyell, updated 11 years ago by bluyell.
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Using jQuery UI 1.8.10 themes with Yii 1.1.6

Created 13 years ago by a110y, updated 13 years ago by samdark.

When using the latest stable jQuery UI themes (1.8.10) with Yii 1.1.6 (which uses 1.8.6) the widgets don't appear (they're invisible but they're there). In order to make them visible you need to change the following line:

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