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Configuring controller access rules to default-deny

Created 10 years ago by Steve Friedl, updated 7 years ago by nsanden.

Starting with the blog tutorial, Yii developers are familiar with the notion of access rules defined in the controller, where the actions are allowed or denied depending on the user's name or role.

class CommentController extends CController {
    public function filters()
        return array( 'accessControl' ); // perform access control for CRUD operations

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Getting to Understand Hierarchical RBAC Scheme

Created 10 years ago by daemons, updated 6 years ago by rAWTAZ.

Authentication and Authorization is a good tutorial. Among other topics, it describes basic aspects of Yii's RBAC implementation. But however hard I read the tutorial, I couldn't understand how exactly the hierarchy works. I found how to define authorization hierarchy, how business rules are evaluated, how to configure a...

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Use crypt() for password storage

Created 8 years ago by fsb, updated 6 years ago by fsb.

Update: This wiki has been rewritten to be in line with Yii 1.1.14. Since many of the detailed complexities are now handled by Yii, the article focuses on how the crypt() built-in function works and why it's important to use it correctly.

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How to write secure Yii1 applications

Created 9 years ago by Fran├žois Gannaz, updated 2 months ago by Fran├žois Gannaz.
  • Validate the user input (see below for details).
  • Protect (escape) your application output according to context (see below for a few output types, mostly HTML and SQL).
  • Test your application in debug mode.
    Set the constant YII_DEBUG to true (by default, it is defined in index.php) and put alongside error_reporting(E_ALL);. Then errors and warnings will stop the execution an...
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