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UUID instead of an auto-increment integer for ID with Active Record

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UUID instead of an auto-increment integer for ID with Active Record

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Active Record does not call the getter method if attributes contain the property. It should not be this way, so I return the default component behavior and make ID returned the right way.
From the other hand, the first valiator calls `$model->id` triggering the getter before the UUID is saved to the private property so I need to serve the value from user input.

It is strange to mutate data in a validator, but I found this is the only way. I belive I shouldn't use `beforeSave()` callback to set the binary value for generating SQL, and return the text value back in `afterSave()` - supporting this code would be a classic hell like `#define true false;`.

Step 4. Define the mapping for output
public function fields()
    $fields = parent::fields();
    $fields['id'] =function(){return $this->getId();};
This method is used by RESTful serializers to format data when you access your API with `GET /video` requests.
So, now you can go the generic MySQL way Step 45. add a virtual column

ALTER TABLE t1 ADD id_text varchar(36) generated always as
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