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In this post I am going to describe a solution to make your yii-based web application safe from illegal content injections.

I am going to make a use of the the yii wrapped htmlpurifier class inside a behavior. this behavior could be attached to any model with declaring the attributes we would like to make them XSS safe.

I have wrote the following behavior :

class CSafeContentBehavior extends CActiveRecordBehavior
	public $attributes =array();
	protected $purifier;
	function __construct(){
		$this->purifier = new CHtmlPurifier;
    public function beforeSave($event)
		foreach($this->attributes as $attribute){
			$this->getOwner()->{$attribute} = $this->purifier->purify($this->getOwner()->{$attribute});

place this class in a file in your application directory, for example : application/behaviors/CSafeContentBehavior.php Now in your model you attach the behavior like this :

class Post extends CActiveRecord

public function behaviors(){
	return array(
		'CSafeContentBehavor' => array( 
			'class' => 'application.behaviors.CSafeContentBehavior',
			'attributes' => array('title', 'body'),

Here we go. Our Post model will now purify title and body columns before each save operation.

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