How to Display tooltp(qtip) on CGridview dynamic

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Hi Friends,

How to display the tooltip using ajax in admin gridview..

1) First write a code on admin.php

    'name' => 'Ticket Status',
    'type' => 'raw',
    'value' => 'CHtml::link($data["view"],
            "id" => "'.rand(0,999999).'",
            "rel" => "viewallticket?even_id={$data["id"]}&date_id= {$data["events_date_id"]}",
            "class" => "tool_tip",
    'htmlOptions' => array('width' => '100px'),

2) Create the viewallticket action on your controller

public function actionviewallticket(){
    // write a code here.....

3) Finally call the js on admin.php file

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" />
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

function toolt_tip(){
    $('a[.tool_tip][rel]').each(function() {
                text: '<img class="throbber" src="/projects/qtip/images/throbber.gif" alt="Loading..." />',
                ajax: {
                    // Use the rel attribute of each element for the url to load
                    url: $(this).attr('rel')
                title: {
                    // Give the tooltip a title using each elements text
                    text: 'Ticket - ' + $(this).text(), 
                    button: true
            position: {
                at: 'bottom center', 
                my: 'top center',
                viewport: $(window), 
                effect: false 
            show: {
                event: 'click',
                solo: true 
            hide: 'unfocus',
            style: {
                classes: 'qtip-wiki qtip-light qtip-shadow'
    .click(function(event) { event.preventDefault(); });

Hope it will be helpful...