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The most easy way to update content in AJAX is to use the partialRender method.

For this exemple I have three files: a controller (HelloWorldController.php) and two views (index.php and _ajaxContent.php)

class HelloController extends CController
	public function actionIndex()
		$data = array();
		$data["myValue"] = "Content loaded";
		$this->render('index', $data);
	public function actionUpdateAjax()
		$data = array();
		$data["myValue"] = "Content updated in AJAX";
		$this->renderPartial('_ajaxContent', $data, false, true);

The actionIndex set myValue to "Content loaded" and this variable is passed to the view "index.php" and to "_ajaxContent.php"

<div id="data">
   <?php $this->renderPartial('_ajaxContent', array('myValue'=>$myValue)); ?>

<?php echo CHtml::ajaxButton ("Update data",
                              array('update' => '#data'));

The ajaxButton call "actionUpdateAjax" and the returned data are inserted in the div "data"

<?php echo $myValue ?>

Display $myValue

Now, run index.php?r=hello


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