Auto set model fields values

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  2. Create new model:
  3. Using new model:

This is a tutorial for how to auto set model values without any code.


I was working with admin panel for a big project. There are 4 almost common fields in all database tables.

  • createdDate (When record is added)

  • createdIp (IP address from where record is added)

  • updatedDate (When record is updated)

  • updatedIp (IP address from where record is updated)

From gii i have generated CRUDs. Now for each model/controller i need to update CRUD code for adding above 4 fields. Better write a code in single place and let other models use it.

Create new model:

Create a new model MasterAdmin as shown below, this file will be under common model folder. You can find inline comment for understanding.

class MasterAdmin extends CActiveRecord
    public function beforeSave()
		if($this->isNewRecord) // only if adding new record
			if($this->hasAttribute('createdDate')) // if model have createdDate Field
				$this->createdDate = new CDbExpression('NOW()'); // set createdDate value	
			if($this->hasAttribute('createdIp')) // if model have createdIp Field
				$this->createdIp = CHttpRequest::getUserHostAddress(); // set user's ip

		if($this->hasAttribute('updatedDate')) // if model have updatedDate Field
			$this->updatedDate = new CDbExpression('NOW()'); // set updatedDate value	
		if($this->hasAttribute('updatedIp')) // if model have updatedIp Field
				$this->updatedIp = CHttpRequest::getUserHostAddress(); // set user's ip
                return parent::beforeSave();

It may be possible all model does not have above 4 fields, then also you can use this model commonly. hasAttribute function will take care of it.

Using new model:

Now when you see all models, it will extend CActiveRecord as shown below.

class User extends CActiveRecord

Now change it to below code. Extend newly created model. Don't worry about CActiveRecord, It is already extended at MasterAdmin

class User extends MasterAdmin

Even if you don't want to change above code each time, you can change CRUD template as shown below. _ Path: MyProject\framework\gii\generators\model\ModelCode.php


public $baseClass='CActiveRecord';


public $baseClass='MasterAdmin';

Now, no need to write any code code for above mentioned 4 fields, MasterAdmin model will take care of it.

You can check more admin panel related help at HERE

Happy Coding! :)