Interview Questions For YII2

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Hey Everyone, In this post I Just shared my Experience what most of interviewer ask in YII2 Interview.

  1. What is Active Record? and How we use that?
  2. What is Components ?
  3. What is Helpers Functions?
  4. How to Update Data Model?
  5. Diffrence Between Authentication and Authorization ?
  6. How to Speed Up a Website?
  7. What is GII? or do you Use GII Module?
  8. What is diffrence between YII and YII2?
  9. How to Use Multiple Databases?
  10. How to Intergate a theme into Website?
  11. What is OOPS?
  12. What is final class in php?
  13. What is abstract class?
  14. What is inheritance?
  15. What is Interface?
  16. Do you have knowledege of Javascript and Jquery?
  17. What is trait?
  18. What is Bootstrapping?
  19. What is Diffrence Between advanced and basic of YII2?
  20. How to use YII2 as a Micro framework?

These are most common question a interviewer can be asked to you if you are going to a Interview.

If anyone have other question please share in comments!!!!

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