Api of Multiple File Uploading in Yii2

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After getting lot's of error and don't know how to perform multiple images api in yii2 finally I get it today

This is my question I asked on forum and it works for me https://forum.yiiframework.com/t/multiple-file-uploading-api-in-yii2/130519

Implement this code in model for Multiple File Uploading `php public function rules()

    return [
        [['post_id', 'media'], 'required'],
        [['post_id'], 'integer'],
        [['media'], 'file', 'maxFiles' => 10],//here is my file field
        [['created_at'], 'string', 'max' => 25],
        [['post_id'], 'exist', 'skipOnError' => true, 'targetClass' => Post::className(), 'targetAttribute' => ['post_id' => 'id']],
you can add extension or any skiponempty method also

And this is my controller action where I prformed multiple file uploading
public function actionMultiple(){
        $model = new Media;
        $model->post_id = '2';
        if (Yii::$app->request->ispost) {
            $model->media = UploadedFile::getInstances($model, 'media');
            if ($model->media) {
                foreach ($model->media as $value) {
                    $model = new Media;
                    $model->post_id = '2';
                    $BasePath = Yii::$app->basePath.'/../images/post_images';
                    $filename = time().'-'.$value->baseName.'.'.$value->extension;
                    $model->media = $filename;
                    if ($model->save()) {
                return array('status' => true, 'message' => 'Image Saved'); 
        return array('status' => true, 'data' => $model);

If any query or question I will repond