Yii v2 for beginners

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  1. Intro
  2. Translations i18n in files
  3. Login via database + Session
  4. Access rights
  5. Translations in files

Please give me a few days to add some


Skip this paragraph if you are in hurry :-) ... 8 years ago I started these two tutorials for Yii 1:

... and today I am beginning with Yii 2 so I will also gather my snippets and publish them here. They are meant maily for me, but also for other beginners. I have some experiences with Yii 1, but I havent used Yii for almost 5 years so many things are new for me again. Plus I was suprised that the Yii 2 demo application does not contain some basic functionalities which must be implemented in the most of web projects so I will focus on them. Plus I will talk about GitLab.

Translations i18n in files

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Login via database + Session

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Access rights

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Translations in files