how to use github official extension repo in your Yii project

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Using a git submodule command in your yii project ΒΆ

Im developing a web project for company with yii framework. We using a git vcs in our development process. We like to use yii extensions. But only if they are good.

We are very carefully chossing an extension, if we need something. If we don't like an extension code or something else, wedon't use that extension. And last time someone noticed, that we are using only extensions from official github yii extensions repo . But we still need a solution how to use that repositoires independently from our project ?

git submodule add ./protected/extensions/

This command will add an extension repository under our project extension folder. And any other extension from github official yii extension repo you can add to your project git repo easy. Then when another coder cloned your repo his extension folders will be empty. He needs to type ~~~ git submodule update --init --recursive ~~~ And then extensions will appear in his repo too.

very nice feature. You can read more about it on Progit

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