adding class and links to Ctreeview node

This article will show you how to add links and class to each node in ctreeview. so you can attach events in js by obtaining handler on anchor or class.

I am new to Yii, and I love this framewrok. lately I have been playing a bit with ctreeview. and I find out there is a lack of documentation about adding links to ctree node, so here, I would like to share my experience with you, because I think this is a quite common practice if you are using ctreeview. this article is based on this article


So I assume that you have something like this in your controller:

public function actionAjaxFillTree()
        if (!Yii::app()->request->isAjaxRequest) {
        $parentId = "NULL";
        if (isset($_GET['root']) && $_GET['root'] !== 'source') {
            $parentId = (int) $_GET['root'];
        $req = Yii::app()->db->createCommand(
            "SELECT, AS text, IS NOT NULL AS hasChildren "
            . "FROM tree AS m1 LEFT JOIN tree AS m2 ON "
            . "WHERE m1.parent_id <=> $parentId "
            . "GROUP BY ORDER BY ASC"
        $children = $req->queryAll();
        echo str_replace(

after the query($children = $req->queryAll()) in the above code, add the following loop to insert a link to each node, you can also add a class or id along with it.

foreach($children as $child){
     $nodeText = CHtml::openTag('a', $options);
	  $nodeText.= $child['text'];
	  $nodeText.= CHtml::closeTag('a')."\n";
	  $child['text'] = $nodeText;

And replace




So try it out now.