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This behavior will automatically set timestamp fields to the row creation and modification times.

class AutoTimestampBehavior extends CActiveRecordBehavior {

	* The field that stores the creation time
	public $created = 'created';
	* The field that stores the modification time
	public $modified = 'modified';
	public function beforeValidate($on) {
		if ($this->Owner->isNewRecord)
			$this->Owner->{$this->created} = new CDbExpression('NOW()');
			$this->Owner->{$this->modified} = new CDbExpression('NOW()');
		return true;	
Installing to a model ΒΆ

Drop the following into your model to install it:

public function behaviors(){
	return array(
		'AutoTimestampBehavior' => array(
			'class' => 'application.components.AutoTimestampBehavior',
			//You can optionally set the field name options here
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