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Yii-Member brings traditional members/admin user directory separation to Yii.
Created by Wade Shuler, 6 years ago.


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remote login in a yii framework application
Created by bluyell, 7 years ago.


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Rbac user interface module
Created by Ronald van Belzen, 7 years ago, updated 6 years ago.


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Module that provides basic account functionality
Created by Chris83, 7 years ago.


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This extension contains different storage types where session data can be stored
Created by djvibegga, 7 years ago.


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rbac for yii
Created by hiscaler, 8 years ago.


Auth 3 487
Change the user in a single click
Created by YiiJeka, 8 years ago, updated 7 years ago.


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Provides methods to ensure compatiblity for rights and yii-user.
Created by schmunk, 8 years ago.


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hoauth - simple integration of social network authorization lib Hybridauth and Yii (facebook, google, twitter, vkontakte ...)
Created by SleepWalker, 8 years ago, updated 7 years ago.


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An extended CDbAuthManager class that makes only 3 database queries for each client request
Created by nineinchnick, 8 years ago.


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A module that quickly swaps between registered users to speed up developement
Created by Bogsey, 8 years ago.


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One simple account module
Created by Paco Fernández-Nogueira, 8 years ago.