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Extension for editing rows for yii2 grid widget.
Created by Konstantin Voloshchuk, 20 days ago.


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The Twitter Bootstrap extension for the Yii framework
Created by The Yii Team, 23 days ago.


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Yii2 toast alert
Created by Abdulhadi Abu-Shamleh, 3 months ago.


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Improved Yii2 GridView widget with support ajax, pjax and modal (Bootstrap)
Created by himiklab, 3 months ago.


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A Yii2 plugin to display a video wall for videoJS player, and create different layouts for video wall like carousel, thumbnails
Created by omeraslam, 4 months ago.


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Yii2 LightBox image galary widget uses Lightbox v2.10.0 by Lokesh Dhakar
Created by Viacheslav Kolesnikov, 4 months ago.


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Editable DataColumn for GridView
Created by Jay_69, 4 months ago.


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Editable Column widget and module for Yii2
Created by vetal06, 4 months ago.


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Modal form widget for Yii2
Created by vetal06, 4 months ago.


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Yii2 Yandex Maps toolkit
Created by Aleksandr Solovyov, 5 months ago.


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AssetBundle for jQuery Counter-Up Plugin https://github.com/NawaraGFX/Counter-Up
Created by José lópez Chávez, 6 months ago.


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Yii2 integration for [developit/tags-input](https://github.com/developit/tags-input).
Created by speculatius, 6 months ago.