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Widget to display the ns tree as a grid
Created by koperdog, 14 hours ago.


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Yii2 Ion Range Slider widget uses Ion.RangeSlider plugin version 2.3.0 for jQuery with pjax support
Created by Viacheslav Kolesnikov, 3 days ago.


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Yii 2 jQCloud-widget
Created by Sergio, 8 days ago.


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Yii 2 lightbox2-widget
Created by Sergio, 8 days ago.


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yii2 hit counter
Created by Sergio, 9 days ago.


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Yii2 Vuejs frontend drop-in replacement, no more need for pjax
Created by lars-t, 20 days ago.


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Embeds the Calendly widgets into Yii2 applications
Created by Gabriel A. López López, 27 days ago.


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Pell content editor widget for Yii2.
Created by Sergio, a month ago.


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Yii2 widget to include the Facebook widget for comments in views.
Created by Gabriel A. López López, a month ago.


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Yii2 component to generate image thumnails of any size
Created by Gabriel A. López López, a month ago.


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Extension to help setup the standard HTML meta tags besides the ones defined by Opengraph and Twitter to contribute to website S
Created by Gabriel A. López López, a month ago.


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Simple but useful JS notification script with PHP Api.
Created by floor12, a month ago.