Class yii\debug\Panel

Inheritanceyii\debug\Panel » yii\base\Component
Subclassesyii\debug\panels\AssetPanel, yii\debug\panels\ConfigPanel, yii\debug\panels\DbPanel, yii\debug\panels\LogPanel, yii\debug\panels\MailPanel, yii\debug\panels\ProfilingPanel, yii\debug\panels\RequestPanel, yii\debug\panels\RouterPanel, yii\debug\panels\TimelinePanel, yii\debug\panels\UserPanel
Available since version2.0

Panel is a base class for debugger panel classes. It defines how data should be collected, what should be displayed at debug toolbar and on debugger details view.

Public Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$actions array Array of actions to add to the debug modules default controller. yii\debug\Panel
$data mixed Data associated with panel yii\debug\Panel
$id string Panel unique identifier. yii\debug\Panel
$module yii\debug\Module yii\debug\Panel
$tag string Request data set identifier. yii\debug\Panel

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
getDetail() yii\debug\Panel
getName() yii\debug\Panel
getSummary() yii\debug\Panel
getTraceLine() Returns a trace line yii\debug\Panel
getUrl() yii\debug\Panel
load() Loads data into the panel yii\debug\Panel
save() Saves data to be later used in debugger detail view. yii\debug\Panel

Property Details

$actions public property

Array of actions to add to the debug modules default controller. This array will be merged with all other panels actions property. See \yii\base\Controller::actions() for the format.

public array $actions = []
$data public property

Data associated with panel

public mixed $data null
$id public property

Panel unique identifier. It is set automatically by the container module.

public string $id null
$module public property
public yii\debug\Module $module null
$tag public property

Request data set identifier.

public string $tag null

Method Details

getDetail() public method

public string getDetail ( )
return string

Content that is displayed in debugger detail view

getName() public method

public string getName ( )
return string

Name of the panel

getSummary() public method

public string getSummary ( )
return string

Content that is displayed at debug toolbar

getTraceLine() public method (available since version 2.0.7)

Returns a trace line

public string getTraceLine ( $options )
$options array

The array with trace

return string

The trace line

getUrl() public method

public string getUrl ( $additionalParams null )
$additionalParams null|array

Optional additional parameters to add to the route

return string

URL pointing to panel detail view

load() public method

Loads data into the panel

public void load ( $data )
$data mixed
save() public method

Saves data to be later used in debugger detail view.

This method is called on every page where debugger is enabled.

public mixed save ( )
return mixed

Data to be saved