Class yii\authclient\clients\GoogleOAuth

Inheritanceyii\authclient\clients\GoogleOAuth » yii\authclient\OAuth2 » yii\authclient\BaseOAuth » yii\authclient\BaseClient » yii\base\Component
Available since version2.0

GoogleOAuth allows authentication via Google OAuth.

In order to use Google OAuth you must create a project at and setup its credentials at[yourProjectId]/apiui/credential. In order to enable using scopes for retrieving user attributes, you should also enable Google+ API at[yourProjectId]/apiui/api/plus

Example application configuration:

'components' => [
    'authClientCollection' => [
        'class' => 'yii\authclient\Collection',
        'clients' => [
            'google' => [
                'class' => 'yii\authclient\clients\GoogleOAuth',
                'clientId' => 'google_client_id',
                'clientSecret' => 'google_client_secret',

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Public Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$apiBaseUrl string API base URL. yii\authclient\clients\GoogleOAuth
$authUrl string Authorize URL. yii\authclient\clients\GoogleOAuth
$autoRefreshAccessToken boolean Whether to automatically perform 'refresh access token' request on expired access token. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
$clientId string OAuth client ID. yii\authclient\OAuth2
$clientSecret string OAuth client secret. yii\authclient\OAuth2
$scope string Auth request scope. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
$tokenUrl string Token request URL endpoint. yii\authclient\clients\GoogleOAuth
$version string Protocol version. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth

Protected Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
apiInternal() Performs request to the OAuth API. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
composeRequestCurlOptions() Composes HTTP request CUrl options, which will be merged with the default ones. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
composeUrl() Composes URL from base URL and GET params. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
convertXmlToArray() Converts XML document to array. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
createSignatureMethod() Creates signature method instance from its configuration. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
createToken() Creates token from its configuration. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
defaultCurlOptions() Returns default cURL options. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
defaultName() Generates service name. yii\authclient\clients\GoogleOAuth
defaultNormalizeUserAttributeMap() Returns the default \yii\authclient\normalizeUserAttributeMap value. yii\authclient\BaseClient
defaultReturnUrl() Composes default \yii\authclient\returnUrl value. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
defaultTitle() Generates service title. yii\authclient\clients\GoogleOAuth
defaultViewOptions() Returns the default \yii\authclient\viewOptions value. yii\authclient\BaseClient
determineContentTypeByHeaders() Attempts to determine HTTP request content type by headers. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
determineContentTypeByRaw() Attempts to determine the content type from raw content. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
getState() Returns persistent state value. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
getStateKeyPrefix() Returns session key prefix, which is used to store internal states. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
initUserAttributes() Initializes authenticated user attributes. yii\authclient\clients\GoogleOAuth
mergeCurlOptions() Merge CUrl options. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
normalizeUserAttributes() Normalize given user attributes according to \yii\authclient\normalizeUserAttributeMap. yii\authclient\BaseClient
processResponse() Processes raw response converting it to actual data. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
removeState() Removes persistent state value. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
restoreAccessToken() Restores access token. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
saveAccessToken() Saves token as persistent state. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
sendRequest() Sends HTTP request. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
setState() Sets persistent state. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth


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ConstantValueDescriptionDefined By
CONTENT_TYPE_AUTO 'auto' yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
CONTENT_TYPE_JSON 'json' yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
CONTENT_TYPE_URLENCODED 'urlencoded' yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
CONTENT_TYPE_XML 'xml' yii\authclient\BaseOAuth

Property Details

$apiBaseUrl public property

API base URL.

public string $apiBaseUrl ''
$authUrl public property

Authorize URL.

public string $authUrl ''
$tokenUrl public property

Token request URL endpoint.

public string $tokenUrl ''

Method Details

defaultName() protected method

Generates service name.

protected string defaultName ( )
return string

Service name.

defaultTitle() protected method

Generates service title.

protected string defaultTitle ( )
return string

Service title.

init() public method

public void init ( )
initUserAttributes() protected method

Initializes authenticated user attributes.

protected array initUserAttributes ( )
return array

Auth user attributes.