Class yii\apidoc\helpers\ApiMarkdown

Inheritanceyii\apidoc\helpers\ApiMarkdown » cebe\markdown\GithubMarkdown
Uses Traitsyii\apidoc\helpers\ApiMarkdownTrait
Available since version2.0

A Markdown helper with support for class reference links.

Property Details

$blockTranslations public static property (available since version 2.0.5)

Translation for guide block types

public static array $blockTranslations = []
$headings protected property
protected $headings = []
$renderer public static property
$renderingContext protected property
protected $renderingContext null

Method Details

applyToc() protected method (available since version 2.0.5)

protected void applyToc ( $content )
getHeadings() public method (available since version 2.0.5)

public array getHeadings ( )
return array

The headlines of this document

highlight() public static method
Deprecated since 2.0.5 this method is not used anymore, highlight.php is used for highlighting

Highlights code

public static string highlight ( $code, $language )
$code string

Code to highlight

$language string

Language of the code to highlight

return string

HTML of highlighted code

parse() public method

public void parse ( $text )
prepare() protected method

protected void prepare ( )
process() public static method

Converts markdown into HTML

public static string process ( $content, $context null, $paragraph false )
$content string
$context yii\apidoc\models\TypeDoc
$paragraph boolean
renderCode() protected method

protected void renderCode ( $block )
renderHeadline() protected method

protected void renderHeadline ( $block )
renderLink() protected method

protected void renderLink ( $block )
renderTable() public method

Add bootstrap classes to tables.

public void renderTable ( $block )
translateBlockType() protected method (available since version 2.0.5)

protected void translateBlockType ( $type )