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Getting information from the current locale

Created 5 years ago by CeBe, updated 5 years ago by CeBe.

Yii 2.0 comes with a formatter component to format dates, numbers, and other values for international users according to their locale. This is very useful for displaying data. When working with incoming data or when using enhanced input methods like the [MaskedInput widget](

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Installare Yii 2.0.* usando XAMPP su Windows in versione portabile

Created 10 years ago by realtebo, updated 9 years ago by realtebo.

Personalmente trovo che la versione "portable" sia molto più semplice da aggiornare, ed io tengo sempre costantemente aggiornato TUTTO il parco software relativo al mio webserver.

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Local time zones and locales

Created 13 years ago by Russell England, updated 13 years ago by Russell England.

The sql 'set time_zone' ensures that all dates retrieved are in UTC time. If your MySql server has the time zone names installed then use 'UTC' instead of '+00:00'.


Copy the code at the end of this wiki for LocalTime.php and DefaultDateTimeParser.php int...

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