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How To: Custom Client Validation On Checkbox Toggle and Optional Input Field

Created 7 years ago by Wade Shuler, updated 7 years ago by Wade Shuler.

I just chased my tail around for a bit today. I got lost with setting the status of all inputs, and banging my head on why the "validate" function just wasn't working.

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Clean JavaScript code in your views

Created 10 years ago by nineinchnick, updated 5 years ago by samdark.

This tutorial presents a way of separating JS code from views and passing to it values from PHP.

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Using Grunt for deploying client scripts

Created 11 years ago by Chris83, updated 10 years ago by Chris83.

For a long time I have struggled to find a suitable tool for doing server tasks such as compiling LESS files, concatenating and minifying of JavaScript files and copying the minified JavaScript files. While most of these tasks can be done with Yii extensions I would still not recommend using them because it requires you to include these extensions in your project, and therefore also deploying them...

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Ember.js with Yii REST backend,demo application

Created 11 years ago by drumaddict, updated 10 years ago by drumaddict.

Clone the git repo - git clone git:// - or download it To install,follow these steps.

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Javascript and AJAX with Yii

Created 11 years ago by François Gannaz, updated 10 years ago by François Gannaz.

This page intends to provide an exhaustive guide of how to use Javascript (JS) in Yii. It does not explain how to learn coding in JS, but how to deal with it "the Yii way".

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Entire Messages into javascript object

Created 11 years ago by markux, updated 11 years ago by markux.

I needed all messages with their translation into javascript. This is my solution:

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Reliable Alternative For Yii::app()->request->isAjaxRequest AND Adding Data To Ajax Form With JS

Created 12 years ago by ibo_s, updated 12 years ago by ibo_s.

In this How-To I'll show you:

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