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Clear CGridView Filters, Sort & Pager

Created 6 years ago by le_top, updated 6 years ago by le_top.

Clearing CGridView filters and sort orders from the web pages, is usefull for the end user. Yii does not seem to propose a standard method. Furthermore, this is especially usefull when filters are "remembered" in the user's session.

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Version: 1.1
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How to keep filters simple in CGridView

Created 6 years ago by Peppe, updated 6 years ago by le_top.

The problem is not new: after setting some filters in a grid (typically in admin view), and gone to another page, returning in the grid's page I would like to find the filters with previous setting mantained.

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Displaying, Sorting and Filtering Model Relations on a GridView

Created 7 years ago by Antonio Ramirez, updated 7 years ago by Antonio Ramirez.

One of the things you will find tricky to implement is the the sorting and filtering of a GridView's column that displays related model data.

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Version: 2.0
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Displaying, sorting and filtering HasMany & ManyMany relations in CGridView

Created 9 years ago by yJeroen, updated 9 years ago by yJeroen.

This tutorial gives you multiple options of how to fully implement showing, sorting and filtering related data in gridviews.


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