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Created 3 years ago by Louis Gac, updated 3 years ago by Louis Gac.

Building a search GET request with scenarios ; calling a SearchModel from URLs...

Search Models are a very elegant and powerful way to build an Active Data Provider. If you use them a lot, you'll quickly need to use scenarios, which will lead you to a very DRY Controller code.

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Created 4 years ago by softark, updated 4 months ago by softark.

Drills : Search by a HAS_MANY relation in Yii 2.0

This article tries to describe the practical techniques of searching by a HAS_MANY relation using ActiveRecord of Yii 2.0.

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Created 4 years ago by CTala, updated 4 years ago by CTala.

Yii2 default values for Index data Provider


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Created 8 years ago by qiang, updated 10 months ago by CeBe.

Adding Yii Search to Your Browser Search Box

The official Yii project site now supports OpenSearch. This means you can customize your browser's search box to enable direct search of the content in For example, by entering a Yii class name in the browser's search box, the corresponding class API page will be shown in the browser.

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