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Use non Gmail/Gsuite on Gcloud projects

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Use non Gmail/Gsuite on Gcloud projects

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Small companies and startups use cheap email services or even Cpanel's mail services which are less secure and compete directly with bigger email providers like Microsoft with Outlook and Google with Gmail. This creates a problem when you try to use their services to send/receive emails from this cheap services. <img width="80750" src="https://static.techspot.com/fileshost/newspics3/2017/google-cloud-platform.png" />

Google says this:
Google Compute Engine does not allow outbound connections on ports 25, 465, and 587. By default, these outbound SMTP ports are blocked because of the large amount of abuse these ports are susceptible to. In addition, having a trusted third-party provider such as SendGrid, Mailgun, or Mailjet relieves Compute Engine and you from maintaining IP reputation with your receivers.

Some time ago I had a project that requieres this, send emails using a cpanel mail services but we have Google Cloud services so when the client send me the credentials to put it in production the app crashes in a critical time, client will not pay to use Gsuite and I have all the stuff ready for production and configured in Google Cloud, so I found a solution.
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