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How to setup FCKeditor

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How to setup FCKeditor

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In the view where you want to use the FCKeditorWidget:

<?php $this->widget('application.extensions.fckeditor.FCKEditorWidget',array(
        'model'     =>  $m"model"=>$pages,                # Data-Model,         'attribute' => 'Tex"attribute"=>'content',
   'height'    =>  '400px',
            'width'     =>  '100%',
            'fckeditor' =>  dirname(
# Attribute in the Data-Model
    "toolbarSet"=>'Basic',          # EXISTING(!) Toolbar (see: fckeditor.js)
Yii::app()->basePath).'."/../fckeditor/fckeditor.php'", 'fckBasePath' => Yii::app()->baseUrl.'/fckeditor/')
                        # Path to fckeditor.php
                                    # Realtive Path to the Editor (from Web-Root)
    "toolbarSet"=>"Basic",          #EXISTING(!) Toolbar (see: fckeditor.js)
    "config" => array(
                                    # http://docs.fckeditor.net/FCKeditor_2.x/Developers_Guide/Configuration/Configuration_Options
                                    # Additional Parameter (Can't configure a Toolbar dynamicly)
); ?>
+ <b>fckeditor</b>, the path to the fckeditor php file.
+ <b>fckBasePath</b>, the url to the editor frontend to be loaded inside the iframe.
+ <b>config</b> Most parameter in the fckconfig.js can be changed within this config. http://docs.fckeditor.net/FCKeditor_2.x/Developers_Guide/Configuration/Configuration_Options
If those instructions have been followed exactly the FCKeditor should work correctly.
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