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How to send email via Gmail SMTP in Yii2 framework

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How to send email via Gmail SMTP in Yii2 framework

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One of [my sites](https://www.pelock.com) has been flooded with spam bots and as a result - Gmail gave my mailing domain a **bad score** and I cannot send emails to `@gmail` addresses anymore, not from my email, not from my system, not from any of other domains and websites I host...

## Gmail won't unblock your domain... thanks Google
## 6. Gmail is not your friend

It seems if your domain lands on that **bad reputation** scale there isn't any easy way out of it. I read on Gmail support forums, some people [wait for more than a month](https://support.google.com/mail/thread/10570288?hl=en) for Gmail to unlock their domains without any result and communication back. My domain is not listed in any other blocked RBL lists (spam lists), it's only Gmail blocking it, but it's enough to understand how influential Google is, it can ruin your business in a second without a chance to fix it...

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